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Vanquish VANQRAFT VQ16u

Vanquish VANQRAFT VQ16u


The revolutionary Vanqraft VQ16 is a crossover between a superyacht tender and a water scooter. Stand at the helm of this spacious, five-metre-long beauty and enjoy the thrill of a genuinely unique craft in the company of up to five guests.

Built for your expectations

The product of in-depth market research and discussions with clients, the Vanqraft VQ16 combines excellent manoeuvrability, exceptional comfort compared to other water scooters and first-rate technology. It is easy to see that this tender is a true Vanquish, even from a distance. And like a true Vanquish, we can adapt each Vanqraft VQ16 to your personal tastes.

200 hp Yamaha 1.8 L engine

Driven by a 200 hp Yamaha 1.8 L engine with jet propulsion, you can easily achieve 40 knots. Or you might opt for a Veloce version and feel the power of roaring along at more than 50 knots. Either way, you can also sail in reverse when required, adding to the flexibility. The jet drive is built flat into the hull, which makes it easy to fit into any tender garage.

Get ready for some serious fun….

BASE PRICE: 88.950,00 EUR*

Veloce Edition: 105.950,00 EUR*

* Net price ex works plus freight charges as well as customs duties, VAT and taxes of the particular country of importation.

Standard Equipment

On request.


Manufacturer Vanquish Yachts
Length 5.07 m
Width 1.66 m
Draft 0.20 m
Height 1.20 m
Weight without engine 675 kg
Maximum speed 40 knots ("Veloce" version 50+ knots)
Fuel Capacity 50 l
Passengers 5 + Driver
Engine 1 Yamaha 1.8 petrol 200hp engine with jet drive


VQ16 Veloce edition 350 hp
Carbon Kit


On request.


Layout of Vanquish VANQRAFT VQ16u


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